Our Service requests

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Our Service requests

In order to be able to help you fast and effectively in the service case, we need some information of you. Please, fill in the form Service Request EN DE. You can give all necessary information directly in the form. The red bordered fields are mandatory fields. Please, fill in this absolutely. Your information is required for the service request and allows a smooth process.


Problems can be often removed in systems without service. In the failure case, please carry out the following steps, before you contact us: 

  • Please refer to the manual what the message(s) the timer is showing mean. Many messages are diagnostig messages to locate a problem. Often the problem is outside the timer. Please follow the guidelines alone with the messages. Many problems can be solved quickly this way.
  • Check cabeling. Is a cable broken? This happens with frequently bended cables as the current and voltage measurement cable at an IQR MFDC inverter.
  • Do you have a spare timer available? In case you have the indication the timet is defect, please replace the timer with the original one. When the problem is no longer existing the timer is most likely defective.

    The system must be powered down prior the exchange. Secure the system to prevent unintentional activation and ascertain the tension freedom.
    With tension more than 1000 V the device must be earthed and be short-circuited. You cover or barriers neighbouring parts standing under tension. On MFDC and HFDC systems please wair at least 5 minutes to discgarge the capacitors. Please, do not open the device!

    Follow the safety instructions in the manual of your device. Failure to follow the safety instructions may pose a danger to persons as well as result in damage to the module and/or system. Failure to follow the safety instructions renders any damage claims null and void.


If these first steps do not lead to the remedy of the failure, please, fill in the form Service Request EN DE. Click on the button Send. The form is automatically inserted in your email programme and an email is generated. In this you can also attach other important information like photos and logbooks.


Please, print one copy and attach it to the devive before shipping it to one of our service locations.


If you have any further questions you are more than welcome to call us using

Telephone: +49 (40) 766 904-84

Our Service is available on Mondays until Thursdays from 8 am to 5 pm and on Fridays from 8 am to 3 pm.



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