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FiliusMFS - DC

...with remote control front, as flexible as you need it. FiliusMFS is the combination of a Filius control unit and a remote power unit. Simple, mostly graphical operation with a central rotary wheel as programming tool, it couldn't be simpler. Via the USB interface, the administrator can configure the control and switch off operating errors. If you are using several Filius controllers of the same type, i.e. AC or MF, you can copy data from one AC to the next via USB - you don't have to type it again. You want a data backup - well, just go from controller to controller and create individual backups on a USB stick. If you want to restore the data, the controller will find its own data automatically. You have two operators at one system with a central welding point? Then install a controller for each operator - the master and a remote device. Both will then see the current status. The master is the actual control, the remote device displays the data in the master, but can also change them.

Summary of your advantages:

  •         Simple programming according to the rotation and pressing principle.
  •         Possibility to install a subsidiary (remote control)
  •         Data transfer via USB
  •         Individual backups per control possible.
  •         No text is required for programming.
  •         Activation of configuration menus for the administrator via USB stick.
  •         Operating and programming convenience of our branch control systems with flexible placement of the FiliusMFS service unit.


Power classes:

  •     You can choose between 400 A up to 3500 A depending on the required power.


Consistent operation

The functions of the FiliusMFI control unit are almost identical to those of the FiliusAC version with mains frequency. With the AC version you can enter the welding times in periods or milliseconds as an example, with MF versions in milliseconds.


Low training costs

Save yourself time-consuming training and complicated operation - rely on Filius - well thought-out and powerful.

Are you using our proven MPS 100 to 300 controllers?

If you want to expand your production or replace an older model, then you have come to the right place. We had to take our proven MPS 100 to 300 models out of production, but can repair them if necessary. But with the new Filius you have more than just a fully-fledged replacement - the technology has gone further and even with the proven AC technology there are things to improve. You will find this united in FiliusAC.