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The Filius weld timer family is designed for single-station machines and different weld processes as spot welding, seam welding and more. A straight forward concept allows you to use different operate Filius in mains frequency (50/60 Hz) as well as medium frequency (1000 Hz) in the same way. Compact design and powerful functions allows fits for many production environments from low-cost to high-end. Thanks to a USB plus in the front panel, you can quickly move schedules and other data between controllers. Programming is done either via your PC (XFilius) off-line or through the font panel. Here the principle of turn-and-press paired with easy understand symbols make the job easy to do. In addition, you can connect a remote control to your Filius for different workstations. This allows operation via a second operating device.

Operating system-based control structure.

  • Same menu navigation for 50 / 60Hz and 1kHz.
  • easy handling by turning-and-pressing principle.
  • self-explanatory menu navigation.
  • multilingual. Language modules are reloadable.
  • Data backup / import via USB stick.
  • Firmware update via USB stick.
  • Successor of the control types of the MPS200 family.



System structure

Filius structure at a glance
Function FiliusAC FiliusMF    
Timer and power unit integrated no yes    
Timer and power unit separated yes no    
Language modules (changable by USB) 2 2    
Off-Line operation by XFilius Software yes yes    
Welding technology 50/60 Hz 1000 Hz