Seam welding, butt welding and flash welding

The technical specialities are not indispensable of some tailgate chambers. For that Harms+Wende offers appropriate control systems for that. They provide the welding processes.


Seam welding

Seam welding (or butt-seam welding) can be seen simplified as a sequential arrangement of single-spot welded joints. Depending on speed and sequence of the welded spots a thick weldseam can be achieved. The electrodes will be replaced by a pair of rolls at this method. In the process usually only one roll of this pair is driven.

Find more information in our dictionary under the topic "Rollennahtschweißen".


Butt welding

At the butt welding technique the points of weld are heated with white heat and then mechanically pressed against each other with high pressure. Through this the materials are bonded.


Flash butt welding

At this extraordinary welding technology the devices only have contact on certain spots during the warm up phase. 

Through small contact points an extra high current density is generated. The materials liquefy or evaporate at the contact points. The devices flash particularly at the welding points. In addition to that the welding points are compressed. At this spillings should be avoided.

Flash butt welding is a method with plenty advantages. Due to flashing, dirt at the welding point is cleared. The evaporating metal produces a protective atmosphere which protects the welding point. Anyway a burr or falsh shapes at the welding points and need to be removed after the welding process is finished.